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Stag One Program

Small Commercial Partner

We are STAG ONE.
This is a program like no other offered by The Hartford. STAG ONE™ is much more than a benefit for our unique agency. It’s made for agencies like ours that have demonstrated a commitment and passion for growing our small commercial books with The Hartford. STAG ONE is about getting one-of-a-kind access and support to enable an even greater performance and success in the future!

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STAG ONE™ offers distinctive advantages for us, including:

  • Bigger commission incentives – so you earn more
  • Highest pricing authority we offer – to make writing new business easier
  • Prioritized escalation of complex service and claims issues – for faster resolution
  • Special discounts on technical insurance and sales training – to maximize your
    employees’ potential
  • Priority access to The Hartford’s small commercial leaders and The Hartfordsponsored
    industry forums – so your voice is heard, and more

Together, we are STAG ONE. And with this exclusive partnership comes incredible
opportunities to grow together.

Higher Level of Service

STAG ONE partners get access to programs that support a higher level of service delivery and can help maximize the potential of your agency’s employees.

Your local sales leader from The Hartford will meet with you to create a strategy for growth opportunities. From social media content to micro-websites, these capabilities compel engagement. Here are some examples:

  • Program-Specific Marketing Materials and Campaigns
    • Customized content detailing program features and benefits
    • Topics and cadence tailored to meet your needs
  • Co-Brandable Microsites
    • A webpage can be created for your clients to get more information about The Hartford’s offerings and get a quote
    • Can be linkable from your site for easy access
    • Customized to include important information about their insurance program
      through The Hartford
  • Co-Brandable Video Shorts
    • A “plain English” approach to help educate your customers on key business
      insurance coverages
  • Social Media Content
    • Social sharing and selling – be the person your contacts turn to for insurance
  • Business Owner’s Playbook
    • An interactive tool guiding small businesses in handling issues about their unique position in their business lifecycle
  • Client eNewsletter
    • Weekly publication with a wide range of tips for small business owners

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Stag One – Digital Tools

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